Our Profession

ACP Pros are committed to enhancing the curling experience for their members and guests by offering high quality instruction and operating their clubs in a professional manner.

Our Association

We believe that every Canadian Curling Club would benefit from hiring at least one ACP Pro and making them central to their operations.

Our Training

We offer an innovative training program that’s built around asynchronous online courses and is manageable for candidates with other full-time commitments.

Our Clubs

We’re confident that hiring an ACP Pro will lead to significant gains in curler recruitment and retention, and will make your club a stronger and healthier enterprise.

Club Partnership Program

If your club would like to find out more about how ACP
Pros can enhance curler recruitment and retention
we invite you to arrange a consultation today.

Become an ACP Member

If you’re looking for a new opportunity, and would
like to make a difference to curling at the club level
we invite you to arrange a consultation today.