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Online Courses (October – March)

Club Programming 2

This course builds on Club Programming 1 by examining how clubs can serve curlers across Curling Canada’s LTCD Model. Registrants will then learn about the specific programming guidelines for youth and adult curlers on the Competitive Pathway. Instructor: Rob Krepps.


Club Marketing  

This course focuses on a variety of proven marketing principles that contribute to a thriving curling club. Registrants will learn how to attract new curlers, upgrade their involvement, and retain established club members. Instructor: Bobby Ray


Club Operations

This course provides an overview of various club operations that Club Pros need to understand, even if they are not fully within their job descriptions. Registrants will develop an appropriate understanding of ice and rocks and of the food and beverage operation. Instructor: Bobby Ray.


Club Finance

This course covers a variety of financial principles and practices associated with running a financially viable curling club. Registrants will learn about all aspects of the club’s operating budget and develop a suitable understanding of its capital budget. Instructor: Bobby Ray.


Pro-Shop Retailing

This course focuses on the key aspects of running a successful curling pro-shop. Registrants will learn how to keep up on product innovations, maintain an appropriate inventory, price products strategically, and do effective customer fittings. Instructor: Bobby Ray.


Leadership & Governance

This course focuses on the Club Pro’s role in staff management and club governance. Registrants will learn how to lead an effective team of staff members, and how to interact successfully with the board. Instructor: Bobby Ray.

In-Person Training (April)

ACP Weekend 2A (April)

This in-person training weekend gives Club Pro candidates the opportunity to learn from a group of experienced ACP Pros with Master Pro accreditation. Candidates will benefit from learning opportunities delivered both in the classroom and around the host club.

Online Evaluation (May)

Portfolio Project 2 

This is the main evaluation leading to Club Pro Accreditation. It continues the documentation of takeaways and planned applications in relation to their Club Pro Courses and ACP Weekend 2. They are then required to discuss their portfolio with a panel of three Master Pros.


ACP Rules Test 

Because ACP Pros are considered to be experts by club members and guests, they must have a thorough understanding of the Rules of Curling. This test is based on the most recent edition of Curling Canada’s Rules of Curling for General Play.