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Year 1 Curriculum (Associate Pro Accreditation)


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The Curling Industry
This course describes the roles of Sport Canada, Curling Canada, provincial/territorial and local associations, curling manufacturers, the NCCP, and the ACP. Registrants will learn how each of these groups can contribute to an enhanced club-level experience. Instructor: Bobby Ray.


Club Programming 1
This course begins with a complete overview of Curling Canada’s new Long-Term Curler Development (LTCD) model. Registrants will then learn about the specific programming guidelines for curlers at the Foundational Stages and on the Recreational Pathway. Instructor: Rob Krepps.


Technical Development 1
This course covers the essential delivery and sweeping skills needed by novice to intermediate curlers. Registrants will learn about the four stages of the curling delivery and the three elements of sweeping motion. Instructor: Rob Krepps.


Tactical Development 1
This course covers the essential tactical concepts needed by novice to intermediate curlers. Registrants will learn the key aspects of protect, probe, and pursue strategies, both with and without hammer, along with corresponding shot selection principles. Instructor: Rob Krepps.


Teaching Pedagogy 1
This course focuses on the pedagogical principles associated with teaching novice to intermediate curlers, both youth and adult. Registrants will learn how to best develop these curlers’ skills through the right mix of instruction, drills, and technology. Instructor: Rob Krepps.


Curling Coordination
This course covers the key organizational aspects associated with running successful leagues and events. Registrants will learn about alternative formats, draw options, sheet equity, scheduling principles, rules and policies, playoffs and prizes, etc. Instructor: Bobby Ray.

Additional Training

ACP Weekend 1
This in-person training weekend gives Associate Pro candidates the opportunity to learn from a group of experienced Master Pros. Candidates will benefit from learning opportunities delivered on the ice, in the classroom, and around the host club.


Career Workshop
This synchronous online workshop gives Associate Pro candidates the information that they need to start a successful career as an ACP Professional. Candidates will be divided into two groups (i.e., aspiring Teaching Pros and aspiring Managing Pros) with career guidance then tailored to their ambitions.

Online Evaluation

Portfolio Project 1
This is the main evaluation leading to Associate Pro Accreditation. It begins with candidates documenting their key takeaways from each of their Year 1 Courses, and from ACP Weekend 1. They are then required to discuss their portfolio with a group of three Master Pros. 


MED Evaluation
The Making Ethical Decisions (MED) Evaluation is a requirement of the Coaching Association of Canada for all Certified NCCP Coaches. The MED Evaluation confirms that coaches are fully equipped to handle ethical situations that emerge in sport. The cost of this online evaluation is $85.



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