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ACP Pros are curling experts who are dedicated to advancing our sport at the club level. They’re committed to enhancing the curling experience for their members and guests by offering high quality instruction and operating their clubs in a professional manner.
With these contributions in mind, the ACP provides its members with comprehensive training programs and two proven career pathways. If you’re looking for a new opportunity, and would like to make a difference at the club level, we invite you to arrange a consultation today.
ACP Club Pros know how to manage all aspects of their curling clubs, including operating successful leagues and events. They’re also trained to provide first-class instruction to novice and intermediate curlers, both youth and adult.
Beyond their management and instructional roles, ACP Club Pros usually supervise the rest of the club’s staff. As such, they’re typically full-time employees of the club, focusing exclusively on that club’s operations.
While they’re well trained in league and event management, ACP Teaching Pros main focus is to offer high quality lessons, clinics, and programs to curlers of all ages and abilities (i.e., novice, intermediate, and advanced).
Some Teaching Pros are employees of a single club, and in those cases often take on additional roles within that club’s operations. Other Teaching Pros function as contractors, giving them the flexibility to offer their services at multiple clubs.

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